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Using the latest and greatest software from Alientech, the KESS v2 is the ultimate engine ECU programmer. Every car is unique, so it is only right that we treat each ECU differently and adjust our map files accordingly. This ensures you get a map that is 100% tailored to you & your car. We never use the same map twice.

All of our maps are dyno developed & road tested. This ensures accuracy in our performance figures and expected power delivery of your new map, as well as the guarantee of a reliable and safe map for your vehicle. All remaps carried out by us are fully tested and safe, and under absolutely no circumstances will we take any risk with your vehicle whatsoever. We partner with Staffordshire ECU Remapping to help provide you with map files. http://staffordshireecuremapping.co.uk

At DSR Remaps, no two jobs we do are the same. For most people, access of the OBD port and then a flash of the cars ECU through the OBD port is enough to safely optimize performance and fuel economy whilst retaining the full reliability of the vehicle. However, some cars require a more specialist service, custom remap, or it is not possible to access the OBD port for a number of reasons. For this we can opt for ECU programming via our specialist Autotuner tool.

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ECU Remapping

We can tune your ECU so that you get an increase in BHP, Torque, and MPG. We do this by connecting to your car via its OBD port and modifying the ECU (Engine Control Unit) to alter the way your car behaves, safely maximizing performance and fuel economy whilst still remaining within the limits of the car.

Engine Diagnostics

Dashboard warning lights can be a concern, and the first thing most of us think of when seeing one is "How much will it cost me?". That is a hard question to answer, as it depends on the problem at hand as well as the make and model of the car. Fortunately, an Engine Diagnostic is all it takes to find the root of the problem, saving time and money by identifying the problem early and solving the issue before more problems occur.

Repairs & Replacements

We can carry all minor repairs & replacements, including performance upgrade fitting. From fluid top-ups to radiator replacements, we provide a quality and reliable service with discount on work provided when purchased with any of our staged remap packages.

EGR,DPF & DTC Deletion

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) systems reduce exhaust gases in your car, but there are also known issues involved with running them in a vehicle. The gas gets recirculated, which over time, sticks in various places in the car and causes unncecessary repair bills for customers. A deletion of the EGR bypasses the system, with it ceasing to function. We can also perform the same deletion on the DPF of Diesel cars and delete any fault codes showing on your dashboard.

Car Key-Cutting/Cloning

We offer highly competitive prices on our key cutting and cloning service for any vehicle, including key reprogramming. Prices starting from £60 up to approximately £150 for more complicated jobs, we are able to carry out simple key cutting to digital re-programming of keys which depends on your car.

Economy & Performance Tuning

We offer both Stage 1 & 2 remaps on thousands of different vehicles and engine variants. We can provide a Stage 1 remap which is used to improve throttle response and the overall BHP of the car, making it faster and cheaper to run. Our Stage 2 remaps are for the ultimate enthusiast that allows us to make use of performance modifications to really push the car to as far as it will safely go all mods considered.


Different car manufacturers supported


Different makes and models tested with our map software


The low price of our Stage 1 remaps


The small asking price for each additional add-on you would like

Key cutting & Syncing


Mazerati Ghibli 3.0 V6


BMW E46 330D

remap + stage 2 mods

BMW E-series ECU Remap


Volkswagen Golf R

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Porsche Cayenne 3.2

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