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About Us

Exceedingly good remaps

DSR (Diagnostics Servicing & Repairs) Remaps are a newly established remap & tuning company based in Exeter, Devon. We specialize in ECU recalibration, and also provide a range of other related services including fault code removal, EGR & DPF deletion, Popcorn limiters & Performance upgrade fitting and general repairs. We offer very competitive pricing on all of our services and you won't be disappointed with our friendly and attentive professionals on-hand to give your car a lease of new life.

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At DSR Remaps, we understand that Economy & Reliability can be equally as important to some customers than Performance gains. Our ECU Remapping can safely offer very large gains in both power & torque, whilst providing a boost to your MPG and saving you money in the long term. With realistic figures quoted via our gains checker, and using the latest software & tools, we are able to unlock the full potential of your car without putting any component at risk.

We have a range of experience in carrying out OBD services & Fixing mechanical faults. We put customer service at the forefront of our business, and we are not satisfied until you are satisfied. We are extremely passionate about cars, performance, and achieving the best gains we can from your vehicle, be that BHP gains or MPG gains. We always enjoy seeing the work that we put in to your car come to life, and take pride in our quality and professional service. You can click here to see our full range of services and what we can offer to you, or click here to get in touch with us!

What we do best based on our clients feedback

Customer Satisfaction 100%

ECU Remapping 100%

Engine Diagnostics 100%

Mechanical Repairs, Replacements & Upgrades 100%

EGR & DPF Deletion 100%

DTC Deletion 100%

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